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Welcome to the Brookby School

Learning Community

Brookby School is situated in the beautiful Brookby Valley, South Auckland, between Alfriston, Clevedon and Whitford, 13 km from Manukau City and Botany.

Established in 1874 we value our long history, our traditions, and unique rural character.  Few could visualise this area, now fertile farmland with the urban sprawl rapidly encroaching, as it was when the first Europeans arrived.  Then, it was covered in heavy bush of stately kauri, rimu, kahikatea and puriri.


While acknowledging and valuing our history we foster a sense of pride in belonging to our Brookby School community and encourage our learners to demonstrate our CARE values (Citizenship, Accountability, Respect and Excellence) in all that they do.

At Brookby we focus on high quality teaching and learning where literacy and numeracy remain the foundation to all learning areas. Learning through digital technologies enhances learning, enabling all stakeholders to become active connected, digital citizens.

A special feature of our school is the annual Agriculture (Ag) Day where our unique rural character is celebrated.

Children are encouraged to accept responsibility and develop knowledge, skills and attitudes which lead to lifelong learning.  Brookby has high expectations of every student in all areas of school life and fosters a culture of excellence in all endeavours.  We strive to provide a wide range of challenges and opportunities for all our students aimed at developing active, enthusiastic citizens who are prepared for their future as 21st century life-long learners.

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At Brookby School we embrace our unique rural learning environment and promote a culture that inspires personal excellence.  We provide a wide range of challenges and opportunities for all our students equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to be confident, connected, actively involved life long learners.