How to enrol

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How to enrol

How to Enrol

Brookby School operates a Ministry of Education approved enrolment scheme.  Exact details of the school zone can be obtained from the school office.  Acceptance of out of zone enrolments is according to the school enrolment policy and should be clarified with the school at the time of enquiry.

Every student must complete an enrolment application form (see link below) complete with copies of the necessary identification as detailed on the form.  Prospective parents and students are welcome to make an appointment to come and view the school.  At the time of acceptance all parents/guardians are asked to sign the school contract.

Copy of the enrolment form is available here.

Contact details

Principal: Lyn Gordon
School Secretary: Shanna Gordon
Address: 359 Brookby Road, RD1, Manurewa, 2576
Telephone: +64 (09) 530 8569